4 Best Latin Record Pools of 2020 [Updated]

Latin music, especially reggaeton, is becoming popular in clubs all over the world.

It is because it is a genre that people can dance to, even if you don’t speak the language.

Also, before it gained popularity, a lot of artists in this genre became successful such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, and many more.

The beat, melody, and the syllables of the words work hand in hand to create this danceable genre that is becoming a staple in the charts.

In my opinion, ever since the song “Despacito” came out, more Americans got hooked to the genre, especially fans switching over from the pop and EDM scene.  

Because of its popularity, DJs will need to have access to the Latin music catalogs to use in their sets.

The only question is, which is the best Latin record pool to find accessible songs of the genre?

Let’s go through this list and rate them based on their selections, quality, and which one of these resources have a better deal.

If you ask me, the best selection of Latin music comes from this music pool called BPM Latino.

They have a wider variety of Latin music in any genre.

Their libraries are also regularly updated, and the premium is somewhat affordable if you are a professional club DJ who can get the return of investment from doing gigs.

Best Latin Record Pools List

Here are some of the best Latin record pools you can choose from to get your Latin music fix:

BPM Latino

bpm latino review - bpm record pool for djs music producers

Price: $19.99 to $29.99 per month

BPM Latino, in my opinion, has the best deals and selections of various Latin music genres.

I am not the biggest fan of Latin music myself, but I am sure that the most requested Latin records can be found in this record pool.

The standard subscription starts at $19.99 per month.

This subscription allows you to download unlimited audio and video.

If you want a back-up DVD of the audio and video you download, you can add $10 a month to the standard fee for the premium package.

What makes this site more convenient is the option to download individual files into a compressed folder.

It is much more convenient than downloading tons of individual files separately.

I chose this to be the best Latin record pool, because of the size of the library and the price of the subscription.

While there are other websites with better layouts and more extensive libraries, BPM Latino has the best price among the rest.  

Check it out here.

DJ Latino

dj latino review - best latin dj record pool subscription

Price: $29.99 per month

DJ Latino is a worthy mention.

Many DJs give this record pool the praise it deserves because of its massive library.

Aside from the wide selection of genres within the Latin music realm, this subscription also offers music from other genres, such as hip-hop, trap, and house music.

The only thing that I personally did not like about this website is the layout of the website.

It looks outdated, and it needs an overhaul.

Although the library still gets the regular update, the interface itself needs a facelift.

Check it out here.

Latino Music Pool

latino music pool review - best latino music pools djing

Price: Starts at $29.99 per month up to $299.99 a year

Latino Music Pool deserves mention because if its clean layout.

Searching for the songs you need from their massive music library is such a breeze.

They offer a top-notch selection of Latin music in audio and video form.

The only downside to this otherwise perfect record pool is the price.

It would have been my favorite if it weren’t $10 more than BPM Latino.

The music library, however, is updated regularly, but it is still not worth it if you’re going to pay an extra $10 a month.

If you are into a clean website layout with updated Latin music, this website is an excellent choice for, considering you don’t mind the price.

You can subscribe for a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or a yearly subscription.

You can get a better deal if you subscribe longer.

Check it out here.

Latinos Unidos

latinos unidos review - spanish hispanic music record pools for djs djing

Price: $19.99 monthly for audio-only tracks, $29.99 for video only, and $39.99 for both audio and video.

The Latinos Unidos’ servers host over 250,000 Latino music audio and video files, and they have been in the business for over 25 years.

Even before some of the new-school DJs were born, Latinos Unidos has been offering people the best Latin music.

Among all the choices in this list, Latinos Unidos has the largest sound library, but I think the price for the subscription can be too steep, especially for beginner DJs with fewer gigs.

You can get more discounts if you sign up for a yearly subscription, though.

For audio, the annual subscription fee is $189.99, and that includes unlimited downloads for a full year.

With this deal, you will be saving about $50 a year.

Still, I think the price is too much, even if you get access to a smorgasbord of Latin music spanning for decades.

I will only recommend this website for people looking to expand their libraries with music dating up to the past decades.

If you are only looking to download the latest Latin tracks, then you can choose other websites such as BPM Latino or Latin Music Pool.

Check it out here.

Related Questions:

  • Are there record pools for different music genres?

Latin music is not the only top-requested songs in clubs.

If you need more top 40 tracks, you can find tons of websites where you can download them.

Tons of record pools offer mixed and specific genres that you can download and use for your DJ set.

  • How to get the best of these record pools?

These record pools do not have long contracts, which means you can move onto a different service from time to time to make the most out of the music.

Some websites do not have the songs you need, which is why you can always switch to a different service when required.

It is kind of like switching from Netflix to Hulu or switching from Spotify to Apple Music.

If you need more music from various genres, you can download all the music you need from each website in a month.

In a span of a year, you will probably have a massive library of your own with a selection of different genres.


I can’t guarantee that you will find all the audio and video files you need in these sites, but they are your best bet if you are looking to access the largest Latin music libraries.

Subscribing to one of these websites can save you a lot of money instead of buying each track one by one.

Another benefit of subscribing to record pools is access to rare songs and remixes that you cannot find elsewhere.

Plus, most of the tracks are guaranteed to be of high quality.

Whether you are a beginner or pro DJ that performs in large clubs, I hope you get the tracks you need in the list of the best Latin record pools I just shared with you.  

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