Best Kala Ukulele Review – Updated 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide!

Ukuleles are one of the unique instruments music enthusiasts can add to their collection.

They come in a wide variety to choose from.

When you are looking for a new one, you would probably pick a brand like Kala.

It is easy to select the brand but the variety is still large enough to get overwhelmed.

This is why we have created this buyer’s guide to help you pick the best Kala ukulele.

In this guide, we review some of the best Kala ukulele models and take a closer look at their features and offerings to help you make a wiser choice.

Best Kala Ukulele Review – Updated 2020

Best Kala Ukulele Review updated

Kala ukuleles are known for their excellent build quality.

They are designed to look polished and sophisticated with most of the models featuring a glossy or satin wood finish.

The laminates and woods used in the construction of Kala ukuleles are all lightweight, durable and great-looking.

Another reason this brand makes an ideal choice for ukuleles is the variety of colors and sizes it offers.

Kala offers everything from entry-level models aimed at kids and learners to professional-quality ukuleles.

The variety of color options available makes it easy to find a piece matching your preference of style and design.

Kala ukuleles in the entry and intermediate level category are quite affordably priced.

You can find models costing under $60 as well as up to $300 which is quite reasonable for a high-quality musical instrument.

The brand offers a variety of Soprano, Tenor, Concert, and Baritone models to suit different players with varying requirements and preferences.

Kala Ka B Baritone Ukulele Review

Kala Ka B Baritone Ukulele Review

The best baritone ukulele from Kala, this uke catches eyes with its unique solid cedar top.

It features a classic, natural wood finish and offers the advantages of the cedar material like its non-cracking, non-warping, lightweight properties.

The design looks attractive because of the red Padauk binding that adds fancy trimming around the sound hole.

Another aspect of the eye-catching design is the light-colored top and darker laminate acacia sides and back.

It is complemented by the glossy finish.

The Baritone ukulele features a mahogany neck, rosewood bridge and fingerboard and a headstock matching the back and sides.

The construction uses a combination of durable, strong wood types that makes it unbeatable in terms of durability and lifespan.

Adding to the personality of the headstock is the grover chrome tuners in vintage design.

The shape is an open-hole, standard headstock seen in almost all Kala ukuleles.

Talking about the strings, the Baritone uke has 19 frets with Nylgut B, E strings, and steel D, G strings.

The strings produce great sound but the quality is not so superior and may need replacement.

Overall, it is a rich baritone uke which is pleasant though not so loud.


  • High-quality tuners
  • Rich and balanced sound
  • Eye-catching look
  • Outstanding sustain


  • Doesn’t include a case
  • Quality of strings is not so good

Kala Archtop Tenor Ukulele Review

Kala Archtop Tenor Ukulele Review

Famous among players for its vintage look, the classic looking ukulele from the archtop line of Kala comes in a beautiful tenor model.

The jazzy F-holes complement the archtop design accompanied by glossy black/white or Satin Tobacco burst finish.

The beautiful vintage-inspired finish gives the uke the appearance of a high-end instrument.

The Tenor features a solid Spruce top and mahogany back and sides with a unique dual-tone finish complimenting the design.

The sound is full, pleasant and rich as you can expect from a true Kala tenor uke.

A mahogany neck, Laurel fingerboard, Pearloid binding and Kala tuners provide the right contrast for an appealing look.

The open gear vintage tuners with pearl fret markers enhance the premium look and feel of the instrument.

The uke comes with Aquila Super Nylgut strings that produce a crisp, bright, loud sound.

It has 18 frets attach to the body and there is a black strap button.


  • Attractive design
  • High-quality tuners
  • Excellent sustain
  • Premium Aquila Nylgut strings


  • Doesn’t come with a case

Kala KA-C Ukulele Review

Kala KA-C Ukulele Review

The best performing concert ukulele you can get at the time from a brand like Kala, the KA-C is a fine piece of instrument that is largely popular among those who want exceptional sound.

What makes it so amazing is the high-quality Aquila Super Nylgut strings that stay geared and in-tune and chrome die-cast tuners that add to the tuning.

Another high-quality component is the synthetic Graphtech Nubone nut and saddle that mimics the sound of a real bone.

With 18 frets, the uke makes a perfect mid-sized instrument with well-marked finger positions on sides and the surface of the fingerboard.

The ukulele is made out of mahogany and has a walnut fingerboard. Such a great choice of materials means the uke will last for years.

Satin finish adds a nice texture to the cream binding that contrasts the wooden look.


  • Clean and polished look
  • Good quality of tuning
  • Durable, attractive materials


  • Fingerboard edges are not so smooth

Which Kala Ukulele To Buy?

Which Kala Ukulele To Buy

Kala offers an outstanding range of ukuleles from highly affordable ones suiting beginners and kids to exclusively crafted ukes designed keeping experts and professionals in mind.

Whether you are in search of a simple, elegant soprano or an electric model, Kala certainly has the perfect instrument that matches your needs.

The Kala Ka B Baritone ukulele is a great choice for beginners as well as experts as it offers an excellent combination of sound, tenability and playability.

The build quality, material, and finish are all chosen to add the right amount of luxury and smoothness to the look.

The sound quality and tune are also great.

The quality of components makes sure the uke lasts long.

Another great choice is the Archwood tenor ukulele with 18 strings aimed at those who want something to upgrade to.

It is a great choice for fans of vintage models.

From build and finish to strings and sound, everything about this ukulele is so perfect.

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