3 Best Free Zaytoven Kits of 2020 – Where to Download?

If you are not familiar with Zaytoven, he is a hip-hop producer who pioneered in the Atlanta hip-hop scene.

He is one of the producers that brought his own trap style to the table.

He worked with a lot of southern hip-hop artists and he is responsible for hits by Migos, Gucci Mane, Future, and many more.

His best work would be his contribution to Usher Raymond’s album “Raymond v. Raymond” back in 2011.

If you want to make beats inspired by his distinct hip-hop and trap sound, there are a lot of Zaytoven drum kits on the internet that you can download right now.

However, because there are so many choices, it may be difficult to go through all of them to find the best quality.

Lucky for you, I already took the liberty of spending hours trying to find the best Zaytoven drum kits just for you.

3 Best Free Zaytoven Kits of 2020

Let’s dive into your options.

#1 Zaytoven Drum Kit

free zaytoven drum kits and sample packs free download

This drum kit may be free, but it is filled with high-quality Zaytoven-inspired drum samples.

You can use it with most DAWs, as well as Machine and MPC hardware.

With these high-quality samples, you can make beats on the dot and create full tracks.

It includes deep bass sounds, 808s, brass leads, gongs, gunshot samples, piano samples, and a lot more.

Download this massive collection of free Zaytoven drum kits here.

#2 The Producer’s Plug Zaytoven Drum Kit

zaytoven free drum kits and sample royalty free

If you are just starting to get into music production, there is no need to pay for samples at first.

This Zaytoven drum kit is 100% free to download, and it includes everything you need to get started on making beats.

It contains 60 free drum samples, including kicks, snares, claps, hats, 808s, and a lot more.

You can download these Zaytoven drum samples free here.

#3 Zaytoven Drum Kit by Freedrumkits

download free zaytoven drum kits for fl studio, ableton, pro tools, logic, reaper

By signing up for their newsletter, you can enjoy a massive collection of Zaytoven-inspired samples for free.

This collection includes tons of samples, including 808s, kicks, hi-hats, snares, and claps.

Despite being free, all the sounds do not disappoint when it comes to quality.

Take advantage of this offer and download the free Zaytoven drum pack here.

Bonus: Official Zaytoven Drum Kit

official zaytoven drum kits and samples download

This option is an official drum kit released by Zaytoven himself.

The collection consists of over 80 samples, that you can use royalty-free after signing up for a Splice account.

It may not be free, but if you are after quality and don’t mind paying, this sound pack will suit you perfectly.

To sign up for a Splice account, click here.


Just because a sound pack is free, does not mean it is not worth the download.

There are a lot of free Zaytoven drum kits that sound like the real deal, and frankly, some paid samples do not really sound the best.

Out of all the Zaytoven drum kits I featured on this list, the best would be the official one you download from Splice.

You might need to pay for a subscription, but trust me, nothing sounds better and more close to the real thing than the real thing itself.

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