3 Best Free XXXTentacion Drum Kits of 2020 – Where to Download?

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, a.k.a. XXXTentacion, is an artist in the trap and hip-hop world.

However, his career and life were cut short because of a tragic incident that involved robbers.

He may not have been in the game for too long, but he became well-known in 2015 for hits like “Look at Me.”

The one thing that sets him aside from the old-school rappers is that he gained his fame and popularity on the online platform, “Soundcloud.”

Many people frown upon new rappers for getting it easy nowadays, but in my opinion, it is more challenging to rise to the top because of all the competition.

Recording and producing music may be a lot accessible these days.

Still, for you to gain popularity against the millions of other producers and rappers, it has got to say that there is something special about you.

It could be luck, but it could also mean talent and hard work.

If you want to create XXXTentacion-inspired beats and flows, I prepared a list of the best XXXTentacion drum kits and samples that will enable you to create your own beats.

These drum kits will also allow you to mix them up with your existing sound library, enabling you to be unique in the beats you produce.

With these samples and drum kits, you might even get inspired to upload your own music on Soundcloud and become 2021’s newest hit producer.

3 Best Free XXXTentacion Drum Kits of 2020

Let’s take a look at your options:

#1 XXXTentacion Sample Pack

free xxxtentacion sample pack kit for trap and hip hop beats

This free sample pack includes samples and sounds that take inspiration from the XXXTentacion trap and hip-hop sound.

It includes heavily distorted sounds from artists like XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, ad more.

It includes 50 sounds, 808s, trap kicks, snares, claps, and more.

If you want to start crafting your next hit, this XXXTentacion drum kit and sample pack might spark your creativity.

You can download this XXXTentacion sample pack for FREE here.

#2 XXXTentacion Free Drum Kit

This next sample pack is also free to download.

It includes 133 high-quality samples for high-quality music producers and beatmakers like yourself.

It consists of 808s, chants, hi-hats, kicks, snares, loops, mixer presets, and vocal tracks to spice up the beat you are making.

The best thing about this option, aside from the audio quality, is that you can download it for free.

Download this XXXTentacion sample library for FREE here.

#3 The Producer’s Plug XXXTentacion Drum Kit

xxxtentacion drum kit pack free download

This drum kit is inspired by XXXTentacion beats.

It is effortless to download, and it is free.

It contains samples, kits, kicks, hi-hats, snares, and more.

They are sampled in high-quality, allowing pros and beginners to create some of their best work.

Download this free XXXTentacion sound pack here.


X’s career might be short-lived, but his creativity will not be forgotten.

XXXTentacion might be just a rapper for some, but what I liked about his music is how he incorporated different genres from the 90s to the present.

You can do it too, and thanks to kind sound designers, you can download all of these XXXTentacion drum kits and get inspired to work harder to create better tracks!

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