5 Best Free Nexus Expansions of 2020 – Where to Download?

Nexus offers a collection of the best sample, virtual instruments and more.

With the release of Nexus3 by reFX, the list of expansions, VSTs, samples, FX, and modulations just got a lot bigger.

In this article, I will show you some of the best FREE Nexus expansions that are compatible with Nexus2 and Nexus3.

While we are on the subject, I want to show you some of the new enhancements with Nexus3 first.

If you don’t have Nexus yet, you can definitely check it out and see for yourself.

Nexus3 key features:

best free nexus expansion for edm music production and beatmaking

  • Cloud-sync Feature

This feature will automatically store your favorite user presets and settings on the cloud.

It allows you to use the same presets if you decide to change computers or switch from one device to another.

  • More Sounds

Nexus3 has tons of different sounds and expansions that I will feature in this article.

  • Faster and Better

Because the sound engine is significantly improved, using Nexus3 does not overwork the CPU.

Some of the best Nexus expansion packs are paid, but that does not mean free Nexus expansions have no value.

5 Best Free Nexus Expansions of 2020

Here are some of the best free Nexus expansions you can add to your Nexus3 library right now.

The Trap Kid

best free nexus 3 expansions and presets

The Trap Kid has a total of 69 presets that include some of the best trap sounds that you can get for FREE.

Download The Trap Kid Nexus expansion for FREE here

Nexus Trap Piano

nexus free piano and flute expansion download

If you want to incorporate piano sounds into the trap mix you are working on, this free Nexus expansion includes 50 different good-sounding piano presets.

Check Nexus Trap Piano free Nexus expansion here

Gold Bricks Trap XP

best free nexus expansion for trap, hip hop, rap, and lofi beats

This expansion pack includes over 100 fantastic free Nexus expansion presets that are free to use.

I specifically included this option because of its massive sound library.

If you are into making trap music, this free Nexus expansion pack is definitely a must-have for any beatmaker and music producer.

Download Gold Bricks Trap XP free Nexus expansion here

Electro Hands Up Leads

nexus expansion packs and presets free download

This expansion pack comes with a total of 128 lead sounds.

Get Electro Hands Up Leads Nexus expansion pack for FREE here

Young Chop Nexus Presets

best r&b nexus guitar expansion free download

It may only have 9 presets, but you can still make the best hip-hop tracks with this pack.

Download free Young Chop Nexus expansion here.


Although there are a ton of free Nexus expansions on the internet right now, finding the best one is going to be a challenge.

If you want to experience the best options, here are some paid Nexus expansions that are worth getting into.

– Nexus Future Pop Voices

– Nexus Techno

Nexus EDM6

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