3 Best Free Lo-Fi Drum Kits of 2020 – Where to Download?

Lo-Fi hip-hop music is becoming a very popular genre in recent years, not just for fans of hip-hop, but other music fans as well.


Because lo-fi sounds can actually help you focus when you are studying or when working at home.

Plus, music producers can incorporate lo-fi drum kits with most genres such as jazz, post-rock, math rock, and even emo.

With tons of possibilities, lo-fi drum kits will make an excellent addition to your sound collection.

3 Best Free Lo-Fi Drum Kits of 2020

In this article, I will show you some of the best sound packs and drum kits that you can use to create the best lo-fi hip-hop and focus tracks.

#1 Cymatics Lo-Fi Drum Kit and Toolkit

best free lo-fi sample packs and drum kits

This lo-fi drum kit is a great starter pack for music producers who are new to the genre.

It contains:

  • Over 60 drum loops
  • Over 60 one-shot samples
  • Over 20 melody loops
  • Over 20 midi files and instruments

Overall, it is a great tool for creating chill music and incorporate clean guitar riffs for a more relaxing ambient sound.

You can download these lo-fi samples for free here.

#2 ItsLucid Lo-fi Drum Kit

free lofi drum loops and vocal samples free download

This lo-fi drum may not have a ton of samples, but it focuses on the audio quality above anything else.

It consists of one-shot hip-hop drum samples, including snares, kicks, hi-hats, and percussion.

Each sound is produced meticulously, allowing you to use the samples without tweaking.

It gives off a vintage sound for making modern beats.

It has a collection of:

  • 10 hi-hats
  • 12 kicks
  • 19 snares

All of which, are recorded and sampled in world-class recording studios for the best quality.

You can download these free lo-fi drum kits here.

#3 Kumai Lo-fi Sound Kit

free lofi samples and drum kits for fl studio, ableton, logic, pro tools, reaper

This collection of lo-fi sounds is not only limited to drum kits.

It also comes with other samples, such as vinyl and dusty tape samples that give off a real vintage lo-fi vibe.

It consists of:

  • 12 kicks
  • 19 snares
  • 10 hi-hats
  • And other tape and vinyl samples

If you are looking for the dusty phono vinyl record sound to incorporate with your modern lo-fi hip-hop tracks, this sample pack would be a great way to start.

Download the free lo-fi drum samples kit here


Creating lo-fi music may be simple, but it is far from easy.

It takes meticulous sound design and the ability to choose the right sounds and chord progressions to make it more authentic.

Fortunately, these lo-fi drum kits are here to help you boost your creativity.

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