5 Best Hip-Hop Sound Kits of 2020 – Where to Download?

Hip-Hop is a very general music genre nowadays.

With so many sub-genres under hip-hop, it is getting more challenging to differentiate each type of hip-hop beat from another.

However, the true essence of hip-hop is the rap vocals and the 808s, which you can still find in most hip-hop tracks these days.

If you are looking to create beats and produce old-school and modern hip-hop tracks, I prepared a list of some of the best hip-hop sound kits that you can download.

Each item on the list will provide you with high-quality hip-hop drums, sounds, instruments, and more.

All of which, can be used in creating modern hip-hop tracks in the comfort of your home studio.

5 Best Hip-Hop Sound Kits of 2020

Now, let’s dive into the list so you can start making those fire beats!

#1 King Chop Kit by Young Chop

best hip hop sample packs free download for fl studio

If you are a fan of hip-hop music production, then you probably know Young Chop.

He is responsible for tons of hits in the modern hip-hop era, and you can create beats inspired by his style.

This hip-hop sound kit includes over 200 expertly produced and recorded samples for music production and beat making.

It includes kicks, snares, 808s, claps, synths, pads, piano loops, and a lot more.

If you are looking to level-up your hip-hop beat making game, this drum sound kit would be a great addition to your sound collection.

Download this incredible hip hop sound pack for FREE here.

#2 Cymatics Hip-Hop Samples

old school hop hop sample pack drum kit free download

This kit includes a massive collection of hip-hop drums and synth samples that you can download for free.

It has trap, hip-hop, and high-quality drum sounds that will enable you to create high-quality beats.

It also includes a collection of vocal chops and FX for making more layers of hip-hop goodness in your tracks.

You can choose to download packs individually to save space on your hard drive, or you can download the entire collection as well.

You can download these free samples for hip hop and trap here.

#3 Hip-Hop Sound Kit

best free drum kits and sample packs for hip hop and trap beats

This full sound kit is made for hip-hop music producers and beatmakers, looking for a massive collection of sounds to boost their creativity.

These samples include crisp snares, hot percussions, deep kicks, and a lot of other drum samples that will enable you to create high-quality beats.

It works with most DAWs, including FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and more.

You can download this massive free hip-hop sound library here.

#4 The Lo-Fi Drums Collection

best free lo-fi hip hop sample pack drum kit download

This lo-fi hip-hop drum kit caters to the versatile hip-hop producers who want to incorporate hip-hop drums to guitar riffs and other genres like jazz.

It includes vintage-sounding samples that make a great backbone for creating Rhodes piano or clean guitar riffs.

You can download this free lo-fi hip hop drum pack here.

#5 Yujin Lo-Fi Hip-Hop by Apex Audio

best free rap and hip hop drum kits and sample packs for fl studio, ableton, reaper, logic, pro tools, cubase

This option is one of the best hip-hop sound packs you can download.

It has an extensive list of samples that all fit together, making it easy for you to get more creative in construction your beats.

It includes drum kits, piano samples, Rhodes samples, and a lot more.

You can download this free hip hop drum kits library here.

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