5 Best Free Drum Kits of 2020 – Where to Download?

If you paid to get Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FL Studio, or any other DAW, then you are probably maximizing the use of the included sound packs.

Some of these DAWs include a sound library filled with some of the best plugins.

However, for some music producers and beatmakers, these sounds may not be enough, especially when it comes to the drum kits and sounds.

Fortunately for us, there are a lot of free drum kits that are worth the download.

In this article, I will list down some of the best free drum kits that you can download right now.

I will include some of the VSTs and drum samples that you can use for making hits.

5 Best Free Drum Kits of 2020

Take note that these options are absolutely free, meaning you can expand your sound library without spending a cent.

#1 Frank Ocean Drum Kit

best free 808 drum kits and sample packs download

If you are into hip-hop music, then you probably know who Frank Ocean is.

This collection of drum kits includes samples, loops, and more inspired by rapper and producer, Frank Ocean.

Download free Frank Ocean lo-fi drum samples here.

#2 AKAI XR-10 Drum Kit

best trap, hip hop, rap drum kits free download

If you have been into beat making for a while, you probably know about the classic drum machines that helped shape this generation of hip-hop and trap music.

This plugin includes a drum pack that is inspired by the vintage XR-10 16-bit PCM Drum Machine.

It includes loads of sounds including preset rhythms, loops, samples, all in 16-bit resolution.

Download free AKAI XR-10 drum kit here.

#3 Bryson Till Drum Kit

free drum sample packs download

If you are looking for crunchy hats, deep 808s, and heart-thumping kicks, this free drum kit might be a good choice for you.

It includes sounds that resemble a good combination of soul and trap.

It also includes some of the best drum fill samples that you can incorporate in your tracks.

Download free Bryson Till drum samples here.

#4 Vintage Ludwig Kit Samples

best vintage drum kits and sample packs free download

If you are into acoustic drums, and you want to include realistic-sounding acoustic drum kits to enhance your tracks, this free drum kit is worth the download.

It is one of the most realistic free drum kits that you can use without much tweaking.

It is sampled from the vintage Ludwig drum kit and classic Zildjian and Sabian cymbals.

It is recorded using high-quality microphones, making it as organic as it can get.

Download free Vintage Ludwig drum kit samples here.

#5 Drum Drops Rogers Pop Kit

best free drum kits, loops, and sample packs for fl studio, ableton, logic, pro tools, reaper, cubase

The Rogers Pop Kit works great if you want to replicate the sound of drums from 60s records and incorporate it with modern tracks.

It includes a sound pack filled with single-hit drum samples that has different velocities and articulation, making it sound more organic and natural.

It contains a total of 128 mono samples and patches, allowing you to use it with the latest drum machines.

You can also load it with modern DAWs using the virtual drum machine using WAV files.

If you use this high-quality drum kit and combine it with your creativity, you can definitely create high-quality tracks that can become smashing hits!

Download free Drum Drops Rogers vintage drum samples here.


There is no shortage of free drum kits on the internet.

Because there are so many, your problem would be spending too much finding the best ones.

It’s a good thing that I already went through the trouble of downloading and testing which free drum kits are worth the download.

Aside from this list, there are many more paid or free drum kit sample packs and sounds to choose from.

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