7 Best Free Beat Making Software Apps of 2020

The essence of any music is in the beats and beat-making forms the core of the electronically-produced music.

Like other industries, the music industry is a highly specialized one.

There will be people in the chain specializing in songwriting, beat-making, synthetization, recording, editing, dubbing and mixing.

The beat maker is one of the most important players in the music-making process.

Beat creation is a specialized skill that is acquired over time with some training and practice.

The ability to quickly draft, compose, and create music beats is a skill that is in top demand during music making.

All musicians treasure this skill since it will be key and core to the success of the musical composition.

Modern beat makers, no matter their skill or talent, rely on beat maker software.

It is an invaluable tool in your music software arsenal and it is therefore important that you have the best beat making software that you can lay your hands on.

Most beginners who are just starting out in beat making will opt for free beat making software and use these to hone their skill and talent before they graduate to something more serious and probably expensive such as the Akai professional MPC Live.

How to Choose the Best Beat Making Software?

How to Choose the Best Beat Making Software

Fundamentally, all the beat making software apps do pretty much the same thing albeit differently.

Sometimes, the differences are so nuanced that they are barely noticeable.

When you are searching for the best free beat making software tool, you need to factor in what this software tool can do for you.

Can it meet all your needs depending on your requirements, skill levels, and the kinds of beats that you wish to create?

Differences in the beat making software abound.

Some of these may be in the included synths, instruments, or sounds in the software which may differ from one software tool to another.

Also, having the best beat making software is not a guarantee that you will make beats like some of the top professionals.

Like with all technical skills, it is something that you have to work on consistently until you hit a level of proficiency that will enable you to output a superb beat.  

If you would want to make some good beats without spending a dime on some costly beat making software, then you’d be better off starting with the free beat making software.

Here is a rundown of some of the best free beat making software that you can use to make beats in 2020.

Gismart Beat Maker

Gismart Beat Maker - best free beat making software for beginners and pros

Gismart Beat Maker has both an Android and iOS version and is a great mobile beatmaker that you can use on the go.

It features a common grid system that you can use to make your beats.

It’s a simple and super-intuitive app that is perfect for beginners who wish to quickly learn the ropes when it comes to beat making and mixing.

If you are starting out, you can use this free mobile beat maker and begin working your way up into a professional DAW.

It’s built with basic loops as well as preset beats that offer you plenty of editing options.

Gismart Beat Maker features up to five effects that you can apply on every pad with parameter editing.  

The app format of this beat maker makes it incredibly easy to use compared to the other desktop-based beat makers.


  • It’s a free and easily downloadable mobile app
  • You can use it to easily make and mix beats on the go on your Android or iOS device.
  • It has a simple and less cumbersome design that is easier to master as a beginner or first-time user.
  • It has a beginner-friendly interface
  • In spite of the simplicity, it still has lots of effects that you can tailor your sounds.  


  • Like many mobile apps, it has ads that will disrupt the workflow and user experience.
  • Has in-app purchase options to unlock additional content so it is not entirely free.
  • The interface and the overall app are too simplistic for professional uses.


OrDrumBox - best free software application for making beats on your own

OrDrumBox is a free online beat maker that you can download for your beat-making needs.

It has an auto-composition feature that automatically composes melodic patterns, baselines, and even complete songs.

This beat maker will work well for users who want to do quick experiments at no cost.

OrDrumBox is based on the grid system.

It is a simple and easy-to-use drum machine with wide-ranging sounds.

You can download extra loops and samples from the OrDrumBox website if you wish to expand your sound library.   

It also has automatic track matching functions that enable you to quickly sync several tracks together according to rhythm and tempo.

It might be a simple free beat maker which is not suited for professional use-cases but it delivers on what it promises.

It’s a perfect choice if you wish to make simple hip hop beats freely online.

This, too, isn’t a professional beat maker for serious music production but it offers a fantastic solution for simple and quick beat making experiments for beginners who want to gradually work on their beat making skills.  


  • Freely downloadable with no subscription required
  • Has an auto-composition feature that producers can use to quickly make beats
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • You can easily import WAV files into the beat maker to create extra sounds and effects.


  • The interface has an outdated aesthetic
  • Has a limited selection of sounds and loops
  • You need to understand step sequencing to make beats with it.


GarageBand - best beatmaking software to download for free for ios and macos

GarageBand ticks a lot of right boxes.

This is an impressive and intuitive free beat maker software that can be used by both beginners and professionals.

This is a comprehensive DAW that is feature-rich and with extensive music-editing tools that you can use for professional-scale music editing and beat-making.

You can use this free beat maker to make top-notch quality beats either on your computer or tablet.

GarageBand features a number of cutting-edge instruments that are ideal for beginners learning the ropes.

It has a wide selection of loops and samples as well as real instrument recording capabilities.

GarageBand will also work well for the more advanced professional producers.

It offers more or the same of the features that you would find in Logic Pro including detailed mixing options as well as EQ.

You can make beats with GarageBand in a number of ways depending on your individual requirements.

Its beat sequencer is by far its easiest feature to use.

Through its grid interface, the producer can easily synthesize complex drum beats simply by pushing a few buttons.


  • It features a super-intuitive interface
  • It is 100% free
  • Available in both mobile and desktop versions
  • Features MIDI along with real instrument recording
  • Its wide-ranging and rich features make it an ideal beat maker for both beginners and professionals.


  • You can only use it with iOS products
  • It doesn’t have some ‘pro’ features for the more advanced users.
  • GarageBand doesn’t offer you the level of detail that you would get in standalone beat makers.


LMMS - top best free beat making software to start making music on your computer

LMMS is another popular free beat making software that is available in Linux, Windows, and iOS.

It packs all the punch to enable producers with varying skill levels to make professional-quality beats.

LMMS has both MIDI and musical typing features along with an editorial piano roll that enables producers to fine-tune their music.

In spite of its rich sets of features, it still has a simple and super-intuitive interface that producers can easily use to sequence, compose, mix, and even automate their musical compositions.  

Additionally, this free beat maker has built-in effects and provides support for VST plugins.


  • You have cross-platform compatibility
  • Has both MIDI and musical typing features.
  • A perfect beat maker for producers on a small budget.
  • It is a free beat maker


  • Unlike pro-grade beat makers, LMMS has a limited set of sounds and instruments.
  • Its VST plugins are not supported on iOS.
  • Frequent complaints of “bugs” in the software.

Tracktion 7

Tracktion 7 - best free to download beatmaking software for music producers

This is a beat maker DAW with a fully-featured core version. If you need some extras, then you can buy additional tools and plugins.

This is an old forever program that has been around for quite some time.

However, a recently released version saw a major overhaul that spruced up and modernized the interface and functionality to a great extent.

The new interface with the Tracktion 7 looks much better than the aged interface of the previous versions.

The steely blue look is quite professional.

Performance-wise, it remains very stable.

This digital beat maker has a novel selector that you can use to glide between the mixer, the loop, or waveform view as well as the input/output selection.

It offers an elegant functionality that lets you neatly lay out the tracks and keep everything accessible. It can also be automated with patterns which make beat making a delight.

Tracktion 7 is rich in content thanks to its basic plugins such as the EQs, compressors, limiters as well as a basic FX.

It also features an unlimited VST support that enables you to use it with any VST available online.

There are thousands of VSTs to pick from so this gives you some good versatility.

Tracktion 7 also features a novel Clip Layer mode functionality that enables producers to apply subtle effects to individual tracks without interfering with the original waveform.

Among the free beat makers to choose from, this is one of the most feature-rich and better-equipped ones that you can work with.

However, there will be some learning curve to cover.

FL Studio

FL Studio - best free software to make beats on your pc, mac, tablet, mobile phone

FL Studio is one of the most recommended free beat makers for both upcoming and professional producers.

The biggest plus with this beat maker is that it offers you a pro-level DAW with every feature that you will need as a beatmaker.

With the free version of the FL Studio, you can still gain full access to the DAW along with all the plugins that are available in the main bundle.

So even with the free version, you can experiment with everything to make some awesome beats.

However, there is still some stuff that you can’t do with the free version of the FL Studio such as opening saved projects.

The free version of the software gives you the capability to export your MP3 and WAV files but you won’t be able to reopen your saved projects.

One of the strongest points with the FL Studio is its clean and easy to use interface.

It is smooth and very minimalist hence very easy to master.

The usable interface makes it easy for you to shift between the mixer and track or waveform view as well as between many of its other features.

The FL Studio interface makes beat making easier thanks to its industry-leading step sequencer.

The interface is super-intuitive and will make your beat-making a breeze.


  • Intuitive and usable interface
  • Lots of awesome feature-rich plugins which you can work with
  • Everything is available in plugin form so no need to connect to the hardware.
  • Unlimited free trial


  • It forces you to do all the work in a single session without saving.

Studio One 4 Prime

Studio One 4 Prime - top best professional beat making software for free

Studio One 4 Prime is also one of the best free beat making software that you can work with.

It’s a professional DAW with rich features.

It works better for producers who want to record. Studio One 4 Prime features a professional FX along with processors that make it a stellar choice for producing beats using sampled or recorded beats.  


  • Has a simple drag and drop interface for assembling its many components into a seamless and homogenous workflow.  
  • It has an interface that allows you to easily control its free samples, software plugins as well as other controls.
  • Pro-level algorithms enable you to have comping, pro time-stretching and track automation.
  • Up to 9FX and processors.


  • No third-party VSTs and Audio Units allowed.

If you are a beginner or even a pro looking for free but relatively well-equipped  beat making software with which you can start mixing your beats, explore the options above and you will certainly find a good option that will be suited for your individual requirements.

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