Top 3 Best DJ Mixers for Kids

Top 3 Best DJ Mixers for Kids of 2020

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In a musical era where diversity of cultures is acutely reflected on the musical productions, there is a vast set of choices to enter into the field.

While the traditional domination of high-end opera theatrical performances and symphonies still do exist, other forms like EDM, dub, Grime had emerged with the inclusion of diverse cultures.

This diversity had also sparked a modern trend of young musicians to enter the field at a very young age. 

Being responsible parents and adults, there has to be informed choices in the purchase of these new musical instruments for kids in the same way as picking up a daycare center or picking up a tutor for the kids.

While there are plenty of professionals almost everywhere for the more traditional instruments like pianos, guitars, and drums, there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to the rather new segment of EDM.

Hence, I have collected the best DJ mixers for kids taking the quality, durability, and the cost into account with expert and professional opinions and reviews. 

Top 3 Best DJ Mixers for Kids of 2020

Alright, let’s look at our top 3 contestants:

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch children kids dj toy station

This is a controller that delivers optimum performance with higher quality than the rest. And its portability is also a massive talking point. The machine is very easy to be set up in either MAC or PCs. 

This setup also features every control that’s there is a professional DJ setup including a crossfader, jog wheels for each deck, pitch faders, music library navigation controls and more.

The DJ is also compatible with virtually any MIDI-capable DJ application.

Other features of this machine include built-in mouseless navigation which makes it very easy to use the controls and an integrated virtual DJ LE Lite software giving the mixer the option to put on a show anywhere anytime.

This type of player is suitable for small scale house parties among family and friends to showcase the talents and skills of the kids and for small gigs.

Being a light instrument that is extremely portable it can also be slipped into a backpack or a laptop bag on the way to school, giving the kids a vibe of professionalism and responsibility and finding hidden talents.  

The machine also can be easily set up without any hassles.

All that is needed to do is to connect it to the computer in seconds using the USB cable and it will be ready to cue music.

Numark Party Mix DJ Controller

Numark Party Mix DJ Controller baby dj set for beginners

This is a great piece of gear for young kids with enhanced portability and very user-friendly software.

The controller is an ultra-portable feature pack 2 channel DJ controller that works very well with Serato DJ.

The controller also comes with an onboard 16-bit audio interface with an output for headphones as well for easy connection to mixers and PA systems.

Other features of this controller include two channels outfitted with a crossfader and jog wheels which are critical tools for seamless blending along with four pad modes for total control of cue points, auto or manual looping and sample playback adding skill and flair to the performance wherever it is played. 

The run of the mill controller sets this controller apart with the rest with its smooth and easy to use learning curve. 

The controller is also equipped with a unique electrifying light show which is a built-in light show with three room-filling LED light arrays that automatically syncs to the music giving it more professionalism and style that exceeds the expectations from a kids perspective. 

With almost everything pre-arranged and coming on board, it is imperative that this controller could be used for a longer time and exceed expectations from family and friends. 

Hercules DJ Control Instinct

Hercules DJ Control Instinct dj toy for kids

This controller is a two-deck DJ controller with two jog wheels which are pressure sensitive which makes life easier for the kids with it being easier to use.

The jog nobs in the controller are also pressure – sensitive making it easier and more cooler for the kids to scratch in a natural way just like old vinyl records simply by pressing the dials.

It also has built-in audio outputs that let the user preview the tracks before playing along with a mixing control in the center with individual deck controls on the left and right.

The design is a compact and efficient design making it a lot easier to carry without any hassle or injuries. 

The controller comes with a standalone 3-Watt USB rotary RGB LED light which flairs up and adds that extra bit of EDM vibe to the ongoing experience.

Summing up, this controller is a powerful mixer for kids who wants to take the initial step to the music field.

It also can save each mix as an audio file which makes it easier to mix and master while traveling or in a hurry.

Things To Consider When
Buying a DJ Mixer For Kids

Things To Consider when Buying a DJ Mixer For Kids children teens dj gifts for kids

Everyone needs to know the criteria we have come up with to separate a set of mixers from the others so that everyone is on the same page without any contradictions. 


Though this will most probably be the stepping stone of the kid to be a potential musician, the pricing takes a huge toll considering this is a toy to a 9 to 14-year-old.

Hence, the price was the main concern in picking up the instruments mentioned below.

The maximum price of an instrument selected here was 200 dollars to provide a bit of context before discussing the instruments. 

Cue through headphones

As crazy as this may sound to an adult who doesn’t understand musical production, this is a critical criterion lying in the same range as the price.

The main feature of a DJ setup is to play multiple tracks and sync them from time to time and making the transition smoother.

But if the synced output is not heard through the headphone the DJ wouldn’t have a clue how it will be sound beforehand, especially an amateur.

Therefore, the ability to cue the tracks and pre hear it through the headphones is a very critical fact and had been given prominence when choosing criteria. 


Since this product is targeted for kids, durability is of massive concern.

The products mentioned below are more durable than other competitors in the market.

And it also could be a wise choice to choose a durable product while spending a considerable amount of money as well. 

Simplicity and User-friendliness

Again, this product is for kids. And it would only be logical for its system to be understood well by the kids.

Hence this was also a criterion that was looked upon and the products mentioned in the list are similar to the professional makes and models which are more complicated.

This provides a good stepping stone for the future as well. 


All the software applications of the products listed below are the same software that the pro DJs use when playing their sets.

This is all about giving the kids an introduction to the career of music, or as a hobby that is worthwhile doing.

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