4 Best DAWs for Recording Vocals of 2020

When it comes to recording vocals, virtually any professional quality Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) should suffice.

The quality of the output will be dependent on the amount of time that you devote to learning and mastering the requisite functions for the DAW.

Among the top of the line software options, these features don’t differ markedly.

Do DAWs Affect Audio Quality?

There won’t be much variance in the audio quality if the sample rates and bit depths are the same but the audio quality is just one part of the requirements that you’d be looking for when shopping for a good DAW for recording vocals.

You would also want to have a quick workflow for your vocal recordings.

You should be able to save your “usable” tracks and keep them on the ready without having to deal with any virtual clutter on the software interface.

The workflow is one of the most important features that you will be looking at when you are shopping for a suitable DAW for recording vocals.

You should be able to execute several processes with only a few clicks or shortcuts including color-coding sections, recording sections, comping the best parts, muting, removing dead spots, and much more.

With a good audio interface and a mic, you should also be able to get high-quality audio recordings with just about any DAW.

When deciding on the best DAW to use for your vocal recordings, the final arbiter may ultimately be the workflow or efficiency of the software as well as the design of its interface.

Pro Tools

is pro tools the best daw for recording vocals

For the interface design, the most intuitive tool for recording vocals is undoubtedly the Pro Tools.

Compared to the other top hitters such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, or Reaper, it offers you a great edge in terms of its speed and fluidity which makes it a top choice DAW for recording vocals.

Pro Tools has a novel comping feature that enables you to continuously record the many different takes before you can finally pick your favorite take which is presented to you from a simple drop-down menu.

The other DAWs are also built with this comping feature but Pro Tools’ is no doubt the most intuitive.

Apart from Pro Tools, you can also derive top-notch output in vocal recordings from these other DAWs.

FL Studio

is fl studio the best daw for recording vocals

The recording process in FL Studio is slightly more complicated but in recent years, its Image-Line has seen drastic improvements in the audio recording functionality.

It is not among the best but it still delivers.

However, once you have learned the recording process, FL Studio is a fairly efficient DAW that you can use to easily record and edit vocals.

However, prepare yourself for a steep learning curve.


is ableton the best daw for recording vocals

Ableton is also a great DAW for recording vocals.

However, you will fully leverage its capabilities on the production and editing side of things rather than merely on the recordings.

It enables you to record levels in the arrangement or session view.

It also allows you to easily record vocals into more than a single track.

You will appreciate its versatile I/O system that enables you to simultaneously record from multiple inputs.  

Logic Pro X

is logic pro x the best daw for recording vocals

This is another impressive DAW for recording vocals.

Its design is similar to that of Pro Tools and is a great choice for recording professionally-sounding vocals.

What’s the Best Daw For Recording Vocals?

What's the Best Daw For Recording Vocals

When it comes to DAWs, particularly for vocal recording functions, the question on what is “best” is generally a subjective one.

However, make no mistake, some DAWs invariably offer you superior functionality, features, workflow, and performance.

As you will discover with some practice and familiarity, every DAW will have its unique strengths and weakness and some have overlapping features and functionalities that enable you to more or less get the same user experience.

Some DAWs will be better suited for certain types of compositions and productions.

Ableton and FL Studio are an absolute top option for beat making while Pro Tools is a leader in audio recording.

There are DAWs that will lend themselves more wholesomely to certain musical genres such as hip-hop, electronic music, or for any kind of loop-based production style.

If you are looking for a suitable DAW for scoring or composition, you won’t go wrong with a Logic or Cubase.

Your vocal recording requirements are also hinged on the type of music that you want to produce.

There are musical genres where the vocal recording will form the backbone of the music while in some cases, it might be peripheral or even occasional to the music production process.

In genres like hip-hop or rock, you need a vocal recording DAW capable of rapidly capturing and recording high-quality vocals.

However, in house music, you will virtually be reliant on MIDI sequences and VST instruments.

Ultimately, any DAW will record great sounding vocals.

Choose one with a great interface, with excellent workflow, easy to master, and make sure it’s comfortable to work with.

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