20 Best Cheap Royalty Free Music Websites of 2020

These days it is getting harder and harder to use music in anything you put on the internet because of fear of copyright infringement.

As a social media marketer, you know that whatever you put out on the internet in terms of videos needs to be high quality.

That means a very high production value and that is why you need to be able to find free royalty-free music that is good quality – but where do you look?

No further than my list here of twenty cheap royalty-free music websites.

20 Best Cheap Royalty-Free Music Websites of 2020

Here, I have compiled sources of both cheap royalty-free music and soundtracks if you want to show Hollywood a thing or two.

Free Stock Music

best free and paid stock music and royaltry free music library sites

Here you can quickly download free music from a wide range of genres and in many different formats.

All the music on the site is free and there are no catches.

The music won’t cost you a single cent.

Moby Gratis

If you are an indie filmmaker then Moby Gratis is a great place to get free music for your productions.

It’s especially great to use if you are a film student, filmmaker or a non-profit looking for audio in your next indie production.

All you have to do is register, making sure to also select the music that you want, and then you will receive it after waiting for 24 hours for approval and that is all you have to do.


This site boasts a massive number of soundtracks numbering in the thousands and it grows each week.

All tracks on the site are licenses under Creative Commons and that means you can freely distribute them and modify them.

Just make sure you give proper attribution to the song owner when you use it.


This is a simple and no-frills easy way to browse and find cheap royalty-free music.

Search options for pieces of music include tempo, category, genre, and mood.

Each track you can download, just make sure you give it the correct attribution when you use it.


With quite a complicated and strange name you may be wondering what MusOpen is all about.

This is a non-profit organization that wants to redefine how music is used and shared.

In a sense, they want to liberate music.

They do this by offering a massive choice of music for you to use, all of which is in the public domain.

So that means it is free to use and won’t cost you anything to put into your videos.

It’s especially good for period music (e.g. Baroque or the Renaissance).

They also offer more modern 21st-century music under the Creative Commons license.

That means that you will find something for all kinds of video content.

You can browse the collection by instrument, period, composer, or performer.

YouTube Audio Library

If you are already using YouTube for your video content, then chances are you already know that they provide you with a massive collection of cheap royalty-free music you can use in your videos.

The great thing about this is that it is all free and that you can quickly find exactly the kind of music you are looking for.

This is thanks to the ability to filter by mood, the instrument used, license or the overall duration of the song.

Free Soundtrack Music

best royalty free music and stock music sites for youtube videos and vlogging

This does exactly what it says on the tin.

You get free and royalty-free music here.

This site has a unique way of categorizing the music it offers.

It does this by color.

So, for example, any music that is categorized as ‘green’ is relaxing or ‘red’ is for passionate.

Make sure you give credit where it is due for any music you use from this site.

That means to the original producers or composers of the soundtracks you will find here.

W.O.W Sound

With a library of over 1200 royalty-free music tracks and sound effects, this is geared towards use in games and videos.

Music is organized by game genre, mood, or emotion.

It’s a great site for game developers to use as well as for content creators and music is easy to find.

They also provide a flexible range of licensing modes to suit all project types.


Here you can get royalty-free music and soundtracks for use on your project.

If you are part of a business or organization then you need to pay a license fee.

Public Domain 4U

This site only offers free vintage music so if you are after something modern to use then this may not be for you.

The music on here is so old it qualifies for public domain licensing.

This site even includes vintage music as far back as the 1900s.

It’s free to use even for commercial use because it is already in the public domain.


This site is owned by Dan-O, a singer and songwriter.

This is his collection of royalty-free music that is affordable and great for use online.


This site has a good collection of both soundtracks and music from many genres.

It’s all licenses under Creative Commons and is free even for commercial use.

Just make you give the correct attribution depending on the CC license of the music you want to use.

If you don’t want to give attribution, then you can always purchase a license instead.

Think of it as an investment.


youtube royalty free music for vlogs and action videos gopro

Beatpick gives you a large collection of royalty-free music to use in any kind of media production.

They also cover tons of genres, including lesser-known ones like Italian opera.

The rates to use the music range from $30 up to $1000 depending on your project type and use.


This site has quite a confusing and hard to remember the name.

But it gives you a great collection of soundtracks to use for free for both commercial and online content.

You can also purchase an additional license that lets you use the soundtracks for a specific purpose (e.g. commercial use or modification).

Epidemic Sound

This is a popular and trusted source for royalty-free music.

All their license fees are bundled into one, so you don’t need to worry after purchasing a license.

It offers music from a wide number of genres and soundtracks, so it is great for use in YouTube videos and online content.


This site gives you a massive variety of free music to choose from that is all neatly organized and easy to search through.

It’s free for you to use, they just ask that in return you don’t resell or relicense any of the music to anyone else, post links to download it, or link to individual files.

Machinima Sound

This is a web source where you can get soundtracks at a low cost.

The quality on offer is high so whatever you choose will sound great in your video production.

The music can be browsed by genre or mood.

This site also gives you soundbites which is a nice addition.

Partners in Rhyme

This site probably has the best name of any site on my list.

It gives you a massive amount of cheap royalty-free music and they have been doing this now for around twenty years or so.

They specialize in soundtracks, background music, and many other genres.

They offer free and public domain music, each with different usage restrictions, so make sure that you follow them when you use their music in your next video.

FMA – Free Music Archive

If you are looking for music for serious media production, then FMA may be just what you are looking for.

Its name sums up what it is.

Providing a massive amount of high-quality music for you to download.

But you must make sure that for each piece of music you download you review and follow the licensing requirements.

Most of the music on FMA is licensed under Creative Commons.


If you like to use soundtracks in your videos, specifically remixed ones, then you need to check out this site.

It’s an online music remixing community that offers soundtracks that are all licensed under Creative Commons.

This means it’s all free for you to use, just make sure you give credit to the owner as needed.

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