Alesis Melody 61 Review – Updated 2020 – A Complete Guide!

While there are a number of brands offering high-quality musical instruments, Alesis is known for making high-performance digital percussion instruments and offering them at affordable prices.

If you are in search of a portable keyboard, this brand certainly gets you covered with their innovative well-made pianos.

In this post, we’ll review the Alesis Melody 61, a fun instrument catered to beginners and kids.

This guide covers all the essential and advanced features of the piano to help you decide if it suits your needs.

Alesis Melody 61 Review – Updated 2020

Alesis Melody 61 mkii Review

Designed for kids and grown-ups who want something more sophisticated than a toy piano, the Alesis Melody 61 is meant to be an amazing way to introduce anybody to piano and comes with all the required accessories and features to provide a realistic music experience.

The Alesis Melody 61 is a 61-key keyboard with 300 instrument voices and 300 rhythms.

It comes equipped with a keyboard stand, microphone, headphones, bench, and music rest as well as 40 demo songs to get started.

It even allows recording your songs and the playback function.


The Alesis Melody 61 comes with some interesting features that you will surely enjoy.

Recording and Playback

The recording and playback capability is what sets this keyboard apart from others.

With the Alesis Melody 61, you can start recording at the press of a button.

It also comes with a microphone, facilitating songwriters and singers.

You just need to plug the microphone, press the recording button, and record your performance.

Once done, you can use the playback function to play the song easily.

Build and Layout

Alesis offers well-made keyboards on the instruments and this one is no exception.

The keyboard has high-quality construction and the layout is simple.

The buttons make it easy to access the functions and features.

The instrument has an LCD display to help users interact easily.

There is a speaker on each side of the control buttons.

There is also an option for using headphones.

The look is impressive, with a black finish and nicely designed speakers and buttons.

The piano is lightweight and can be carried easily.

Moreover, it works on batteries and can be used anywhere.

Built-in Voices

The Alesis Melody 61 comes with 200 sounds which is quite impressive for an entry-level keyboard.

Though the sounds are aimed at kids, they are better than those found on other beginner instruments.

It also has 10 demo songs that kids would find entertaining.

These songs can also help them learn and build piano playing skills.


Just like any other Alesis keyboard, Melody 61 is designed to be a teaching tool.

It includes 40 demo songs and 300 rhythms to jump-start your piano playing.

These can help any aspiring pianist, singer, or songwriter.

The piano also comes with a trial subscription to an online piano teaching program helping beginners start their musical journey.

The instrument also has a learning function, making it easier for users to follow.


  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Recording function
  • Durable with excellent build quality
  • Operates on battery
  • Light keys to make it fun for kids
  • Learning function
  • User-friendly interface
  • Value purchase
  • Sufficient demo songs and sounds
  • Built-in speakers
  • Includes accessories


  • Not a full-range piano
  • Lesson function can be difficult to follow
  • Might not suit everybody
  • No digital connectivity option

Alesis Melody 61 MKII – A Complete Guide

Alesis Melody 61 how to use

The Alesis Melody 61 MKII is a worthy purchase as it comes with a bunch of accessories and amazing features.

Along with the keyboard, you get headphones that make the experience more enjoyable.

As it comes with a bench, you need not allocate any furniture to the instrument in the house.

It also features a stand to hold the keyboard.

The Alesis keyboard is intended for kids so it uses spring action keys rather than weighted keys that can give stress to the fingers.

This makes the keyboard perfect for those who are engaging for fun.

It also features a dual keyboard mode which is great to play two instrument sounds at a time.

The split keyboard allows playing multiple instruments at once.  

61 full-size keys are sufficient for practicing the instrument, learning, and expressing.

With this keyboard, you get a three-month subscription to Skoove Premium which is an online piano learning website.

Skoove teaches reading and playing music through lessons, shows you the right hand positions, waits for you to play the right note, and shows progress and feedback as you proceed through the lessons.

Alesis Melody 61 Manual

The Alesis Melody 61 MKII keyboard comes with a user manual to make it easy to set up and use the instrument.

It describes setting up the stand, bench, and piano connection in detail with diagrams.

It also has the top, bottom, and rear panel diagrams with labels to help you identify the controls and functions.

Apart from these, you can find detailed guidance on different operations including recording and rhythm programming.

The manual also describes the intelligent teaching function as a step-by-step guide to help learn playing the keyboard.

Alesis Melody MKII Portable Keyboard

Alesis Melody MKII Portable Keyboard

What makes the Melody MKII keyboard such a great option for an entry-level instrument is its flexibility.

It is designed to be a portable keyboard with the ability to move it around and set it up without any problem.

It weighs just 8.7 pounds so most people can carry it easily.

This means you never have to worry about carrying this portable keyboard around.

Since the keyboard can operate on batteries, it is not necessary to be at home to be able to use it.

You can use 6 AA batteries to power the keyboard and use it wherever you like.

Secondly, this Alesis comes with a foldable bench and a stand.

The stand is easy to assemble and can be unfolded easily though it is strong enough to withstand intense playing sessions.

The bench offers three different height settings to allow users of any size to use the keyboard without any hassle.

Overall, the Alesis Melody MKII keyboard is designed to be easy to use, play and carry.

It is an excellent option for an instrument that is easy to travel with.

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